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Digital measurement of the tool-length TOOL-BLOCK-1D


The standard TOOL-BLOCK can be fitted with a "TBM" accessory for use with a PAV digital readout, converting the TOOL-BLOCK into a simple one axis presetter used beside the machine or in a preset area.

After measuring, the length can be introduced into the tool correction memory of the CNC, without having to measure it on the machine.

It is also possible to adjust, after a tool breakage, the new tool to the same length avoiding this way changes of tool corrections on the CNC.

Bullt into the digital readout is an RS 232-C interface for printing labels or keeping records, please ask us for further information.



The TBM attachment can be retrofitted to exlstlng TOOL-BLOCK and the digital readout simply removed when not in the use. The digital readout is clamped into a sleeve within the TBM, which can swivel to allow measurement for varying diameters of tools.

The reset function on the electronic display allows a simple reference zero off the top of tool pot. The preset function allows to memorize taper difference between presetter and machine.




Interchangeable support TBM

Part number

For sleeve  ISO 25 à 50 TBM
For sleeve VDI 3425/2 TBM-VDI


Digital depth gauge

Part number

Depth gauge PAV  Length 400 mm. TB-P400-N
Depth gauge PAV  Length 200 mm. TB-P200-N

Example: for 1 length measuring device ISO-40 - 1D, you must order:

1x TBS-100 + 1x TB-40 + 1x TBM + 1x TB-P400-N


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