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A low cost easy to handle tool presetter TOOL-BLOCK-2D-N


Derived from the patendet tool dismounting device TOOL-BLOCK. It allows the quick easy diameter and length setting of boring bars, milling cutters, drills etc., as well as lathe tooling.

Most of tools used on machining centers (approx.9O%) don't require a setting accuracy of more than 0.05 mm. Yet they require setting off the machine for profitability and programming needs.

With a repeating precision of ± 0.01 mm. the TOOL-BLOCK-2D has been developed for this market. For the occasional high accuracy tools a comparator with fine adjustment is mounted as standard to the digital readout on the diameter axis.

A hardened and grinded base sleeve accepts interchangeable sleeves of a very high accuracy. Utilising the same PAV digital readout as the 1D the RS 232-C interface allows connection to a label printer or micro computer.



Why invest money in a high precision very high cost device when this is not essential for the manufacturing.

Knowing perfectly these problems and on the request of many TOOL-BLOCK customers, we decided to market this simple low   cost tool presetter.



The price for the device is accessible without problems, even to small companies having only one CNC machine !


Specifications:   Diameter: 250/370 mm    Length max: 350 mm    Dimensions: 690 x 500 x160 mm    Weight: 43 Kg. ~



Part number

Tool presetter TOOL-BLOCK-2D-N TB-2D-N
Sleeve ISO (example ISO 30) TB-2D-30
Sleeve VDI (example VDI 30) TB-2D-30 VDI


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