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TB-2D-PRO 500



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Tool presetter high-tech TOOL-BLOCK-2D-PRO 500


The presetting of metal cutting tools for machining centers with numerical control, even for conventional horizontal boring machines, is to be considered nowadays as an absolute necessity.

The actual investment costs of modern machine tools entail very high hourly cost rates, prohibiting unnecessary downtime for the direct setting of tools on the machine.

We have found that the quality products actually existing on the market are very expensive and for this reason out of reach for most medium and small size companies, although an absolute need is definitely existing.

For this reason, we designed a new low cost presetting unit, of which each part has been undergoing a thorough check up on quality, fabrication and economic aspects! Now, even small companies can afford to work with a most modern presetter, in        which all equipment for today's measuring requirements was built in and to which all complementary outstanding tool management software can be built on upon request.



Cast iron structure.

Measuring range: Diameter 400 mm. Length 500 mm.


Precision range: repetition ± 0.002 mm on radius.


Tool receiving sleeves: Sleeves to ISO or BT-Standards from ISO-30 to ISO-50 and VDI 3425/2 standard, Æ 20, 30,       40, 50 mm. Special dimensions upon request according to drawing.


Visual projector: "ISOMA" diascope screen Æ 110 mm, with reticle and concentric circles, angular measurement, enlargement 20 times.

Diameter reading: With "COMPAC" dial indicator, Measuring reading 0.005 mm with security return traverse and hard metal touch.

Measuring system: Digital glass scales.


Digital readout:   "VISULESTA" Type 100. 2 axis with microprocessor, conversational display, RS 232 interface as standard, 30 reference points on each axis. Automatic memorized set-up. "Against Zero" deplacement key. Conversions  incremental/ absolute, radius/diameter, metric/inches. Compensation of temperature or positioning errors.


Parameter for: Compensation of geometrical errors. Language choice.


Detecting of errors: Display of error messages in clear text,


Display height digital resolution: 11,75 mm height. Resolutions 1/2/5/10 microns switchable.


Power source: 230/115 V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz monophase.


Net weight and dimensions: approx. 70 kg 800 x 600 x 950 mm.


Accessories: Master gauge arbor.Tool management software.


Specifications are subject to change.





Part number

Tool presetter TOOL-BLOCK-2D-PRO 500 TB-2D-PRO 500
Sleeve ISO (example ISO 30) TB-2D-30
Sleeve VDI (example VDI 30) TB-2D-30 VDI
Control gauge  (example ISO-40) PINNULE-ISO40
Wooden box for gauge COFFRET


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