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The Tool mounting TOOL-BLOCK


Rapid, simple and robust, the TOOL-BLOCK has been developed from experience for the assembly and disassembly of cutting tools into tool holders. Tool holders are expensive and damage to shanks and flanges can effect machine spindles.

The TOOL-BLOCK allows tools to be inclined from 0 degrees to 90 degrees facilitating access to both ends of the toolholder in one operation. Toolholders are secured in position in the sleeve by a spring plunger or clamp for complete security.

Indispensable by the machine and in tool presetting areas, the cost of TOOL-BLOCK   will soon be recovered.


Copy of Tbs.jpg (16556 octets)


Mounting frame stove enamelled steel of a very rigid construction, four holes for cap screws M10. Includes hand lever and hardened rotational pin.

Copy of Iso.jpg (5175 octets)Copy of Tb-iso.jpg (10715 octets)


ISO tool pots intercheable from ISO 25 to ISO 50. Machined to a high standard with a safety spring plunger adjustable in length and diameter for all types of flanges, conventional or C.N.C.


Copy of Vdi 2.jpg (5630 octets)Copy of Vdi 1.jpg (5074 octets)Copy of TB-Vdi.jpg (12854 octets)

VDI 3425/2

Tool pots interchangeable for VDI 3425/2 from diameter 20 mm to 50 mm. A replication of tool turret serrations clamp the toolholder in position.


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Widaflex, HSK, Mandelli ISO 50, etc.

Special sleeves produced upon request and drawing. For the WDX, HSK, Mandelli ISO-50 tool holders, some sleeves were already produced and are available from our stock. Request a quotation to you dealer.








Dismounts and mounts tools with presetting length on 

Pallets GPS-70.

Swivelling from 0 with 90°, giving access to the back of the pallets for the 

tightening and loosening of the tool.





Part number

Mounting for the TOOL-BLOCK TBS-100
Sleeve   ISO (example for ISO-25) TB-25
Sleeve   VDI (example for VDI-30) TB-30-VDI
Sleeve   Widaflex  (example for  WDX-32) TB-32-WDX
Sleeve   HSK (example for HSK-40) TB-HSK-40-A


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